10 Interesting Facts About BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Movie

batman Vs Superman Facts Movie 2016

It’s the blockbuster of 2016 that we all are impatiently waiting for. Batman VS Superman is so much more than just another super hero movie. This movie is about the little fan boy/girl that will come screaming out of us, as we all have literally grown up watching these two. From watching the animated series, to collecting their merchandize, this movie will make us remember why we all fell in love with batman and Superman in the first place.

This article lists 10 interesting facts about Batman VS Superman that you might have not known about.

Facts About Batman Vs Superman Movie

batman Vs Superman Facts Movie 2016
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1) Based on a comic book:

All of Dc movies have taken elements of comic book storylines and transformed them on to the big screen. Batman VS Superman has taken the theme and tone of Frank Miller’s “The Dark knight Returns”, which is one of the highest rated storylines in the comic book series.

2) The movie is not a sequel of Man of Steel:

If the trailers are anything to go about then the focus is not on Superman, It’s on Batman himself. It’s no secret that Batman is the most iconic and biggest character in the DC universe, so Batman isn’t here to play sidekick to Superman.

3) Darkest Batman Ever:

Batman VS Superman will show a much meaner and darker Bruce Wayne than ever before. The trailer hints that a personal loss has taken its toll on Bruce Wayne and batman is coming back with a vengeance.

4) Redefined Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor looks nothing like the one showed in the comics or the animated series. The movie will portray a much more modern and younger Lex Luthor. Not to mention that blonde hair!

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5) Dc universe is much darker compared to Marvel:

Their each other’s biggest rivals in the comic book industry but the approaches taken are completely opposite. The Avengers went for a bright and colorful theme but by the looks of it, The Justice League will be perusing a much darker and gloomier theme for their upcoming trilogy.

6) Everything will be connected:

DC universe has confirmed that all next solo Dc movies will be connected to each other one way or another.

7) Use of Kryptonite:

Since this is an adaptation of Frank Miller’s version of the comics, then expect some Kryptonite to be used against Superman sooner or later in the movie. How else will Batman stand a chance against the “Son of Krypton”?

8) Batman hates Superman:

The trailer shows that Bruce Wayne clearly does not approve of Superman and acts as if he has a personal vendetta against him. Superman did “unintentionally” destroy Bruce Wayne’s family building.

9) The perfect chemistry:

The trailer shows signs of things spicing up between Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne. They even know each other’s secret identity, as confirmed by Ben Affleck himself!

10) Doomsday:

Probably the strongest villain in the comic book history is here to cause nothing but destruction. The newly formed creature shown in the trailer is in fact an early staged Doomsday. Just imagine what he’ll become when it evolves!

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