10 Interesting Facts About Calgary

Interesting Facts About Calgary

Calgary is a Canadian town, situated in the province of Alberta. Calgary is Canada’s most unique and happening town. You thought Canada was all about snow and Ice Hockey? That doesn’t come close to describing the amazing experience on offer in the town of Calgary! This article lists 10 interesting facts about Calgary and why it’s such a wonderful place to live in.

Interesting Facts About Calgary
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Interesting Facts About Calgary

1) Canada’s very own Wild West:

Calgary is mostly covered in fields of grasslands and that gives the town a vibe of a Western Culture. With ranches and sheds for cows a common thing for the “folks” of Calgary, it’s easy to see why the town is referred as a Western cow town.

2) A town of festivities:

There are countless festivals held in Calgary, which includes The Calgary stampede, which is the largest festival in the world. The Calgary Stampede is an annual tradition of Canada, attracting almost a million people to the grand occasion.

3) Diversification at its finest:

With a whopping count of 120 languages, Calgary is definitely one of the most diversified cities in the world. You can surely find almost all types of non- Canadians living or visiting Calgary.

4) Young, Wild and Free:

The average age of the citizens of Calgary is 35 years.  With such a young average age, you can surely expect parties, sporting events, love and liveliness in the town of Calgary.

5) Welcome to the sunny side of Canada:

Calgary is definitely not your typical cold, freezing Canada, as every year the town receives an average of 26000 hours of sunlight. This easily makes Calgary the sunniest and warmest part of Canada. If you’re feeling the chills in other parts of Canada, do visit Calgary soon.

Calgary Facts
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6) Perfect blend of warm and cold:

Calgary is located on a natural altitude that is above the average altitude of other parts  of Canada, which means that Calgary is neither too hot nor too cold around the year. The temperature in Calgary has that perfect mixture of cool and warmth that everyone instantly fall in love with.

7) Things heat up real quick:

Due to the excess sunlight, Calgary receives warmer winds that result in temperature suddenly rising. The temperature can shift from 5 degrees Celsius to almost 15 degrees Celsius!

8) Cleaner than you would imagine:

Calgary might have a Western culture attached to it but that doesn’t mean it’s trashed up like the West. Actually, Calgary has strictly implemented cleaning laws that make the town one of the cleanest towns in the world. Even with so many tourists visiting every year, Calgary remains neat and tidy. Calgary is also the world’s cleanest town of 2015.

9) There’s always a helping hand available:

The people of Calgary have the highest ratio of Volunteerism for social welfare causes around the world. These helping hands go a long way in improving the lives of the less fortunate.

10) Simply the best on offer:

Everything about Calgary is unique and wonderful in its own way. With the highest GDP of Canada, Calgary is easily one of the most livable cities in the world.

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