10 Interesting Facts About Dakota Johnson

Facts About Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson turned more than a few heads from demonstrating her strong acting skills in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The movie might not have been the success it was predicted to be but the popularity of Dakota Johnson has risen ever since. There a lot more than meets the eye of the Texas born Actress. This article talks about ten interesting facts about Dakota Johnson that you may not have known about.

Facts About Dakota Johnson
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Interesting Facts About Dakota Johnson

1) Genetically gifted:

Dakota Johnson has not only inherited pretty looks from her parents but also her acting abilities. Dakota Johnson is the daughter of renowned actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

2) Acting Debut:

Dakota Johnson made her acting debut in the tender age of 12. She starred along her step sister, Stella Banderas, in ‘Crazy in Alabama’. The movie also starred her step father, Antonia Banderas.

3) Succeeded from failure:

In 2010, Dakota Johnson had a failed audition for the show ‘Girls’ as she was not the right person for the role. However, the same director that rejected her, saw something else in her and recommended her to fellow professional who signed her up for a role in ‘5-year-enagement’. The same predicament repeated itself when she was recommended and signed up for the role of Abby Elliot in the show ‘Ben and Kate’.

4)  Exciting projects in the works:

The under achievements of Fifty Shades of Grey has not deterred movie makers from casting Dakota Johnson and she has been signed up for exciting projects to star alongside the likes of Johnny Depp and Ethane Hawk. She has already started on her upcoming projects.

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5) Modeling Career:

Prior to her acting career, Dakota Johnson was doing more than just alright as a model. Her modeling career boasts work for fashion giants like Mango, Oliver people, Wish Uniqlo and many more. Dakota Johnson can rest assure if her acting career takes a turn for the worst, she can still fall back to her modeling career.

6) Bullied In her Teens:

You might think that the life of a daughter of successful actors would be full of joy and comforts. Ask Dakota Johnson that and she will tell you a very different story! That is due to the constant bullying she suffered for being the daughter of famous personalities. The situation got out of hand when her parents were going through a rough patch and her fellow peers tormented her for it.

7) Rehabilitation:

In her teenage years, Dakota Johnson struggled with anxieties, stress and depression from being bullied and due to her parent’s negative relationship with each other. She was sent to a rehab to overcome her predicament and currently has overcome all of her teenage issues.

8) Love Interest:

Dakota Johnson has been in a long term relationship with ‘Last Man Standing’ star, Jordan Mastersons.

9) Successful films:

She has had roles in movies that were absolute hits in the box office. These include her roles in ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘The Social Network’.

10) Best Friend:

Dakota Johnson is BFFs with Riley Keogh, who is also the daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley. Let us know if you want to read more Dakota Johnson Facts in the comments section below.

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