10 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump

Facts About Donald Trump

We all know Donald trump as the self-absorbed, multi billionaire who’s running for the 2016 Republican Presidential elections. From his comments about immigrants to his extravagant lifestyle, Donald Trump is the center of media attention these days. You might think you know everything there is to know about the man they call “The Donald” but there are many things about him that may surprise you. This article lists ten interesting facts about Donald Trump.

Facts About Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Facts

10) Education:

Donald trump has a degree in economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to that Donald trump attended the Fordham University.

9) Troubled Childhood:

As a young child, Donald trump was the least favorite student of his teachers and had a difficult time maintaining discipline in class. Later in his teens, his parents sent him to a military school in New York called The Military Academy of NY, in order to improve his behavior.

8) Like father like son:

His father, Fred trump, was a very wealthy man and made his fortunes from real estate. Donald trump learned from the best from a young age and it’s no surprise he himself made it big in the real estate business, amassing millions along the process.

7) Has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Donald Trump was rewarded with his very own Star on the famous Hollywood walk of fame due to the success brought by his reality show “The Apprentice.” This was the 2327th Star rewarded to a celebrity and Donald Trump gained this honor in 2007.

6) Part owner of Miss Universe:

In 2002, NBC successfully negotiated an agreement with Donald Trump that made him a part owner of the Miss Universe franchise. With his Millions at their disposal, it surely was a successful deal.

5) Football club owner:

Donald Trump always looks for successful business ventures to diversify his ambitions. This lead him to buying the New Jersey Generals which is a football team playing in the United States football League.

4) Owns tallest residential building in the world:

At 90 stories high, Donald Trump’s “Trump Tower” is rightly proclaimed as the tallest residential building constructed, ever.

3) One of the highest paid TV stars:

We all know that Donald trump was the face of the hit reality show “The Apprentice.” What NBC didn’t tell you is that they were paying Donald Trump an astonishing $375,000 per episode. Now that’s one way to make a rich guy even richer.

2) Completely straight edge:

Donald Trump never drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes or does any drugs. The reason being that he has seen the demise of his older brother due to alcoholism. Donald Trump made a vow to never fall in the same vicious trap like his brother did.

1) Almost went Bankrupt:

In the year 1990, Donald Trump almost went Bankrupt due to buildup of debt and losses in his businesses. However, by 1994, he had repaid all of his debt by selling personal assets and some businesses. His current net worth is more than 2.5 billion dollars.


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  1. I know i might not be popular by saying this, but I’d actually feel more secure if Trump was president. This world is crazy.

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