10 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

interesting facts about justin-bieber

Adored by millions and hated by millions. This single statement defines why Justin Bieber became a phenomenon when he was first introduced as fresh faced singer in 2008. We have watched Justin grow up and out of his cute looks to the controversial heartthrob that he is today. Once his “Bieber Fever” madness spread, nothing could stop him from world domination. From Chart toppers to selling out Madison Square garden, Justin Bieber and his “beliebers” army made sure nothing stood in their path to success. His fame and boyish charms really did make him the most famous kid on the planet! This article lists 10 interesting facts about Justin Bieber that you might not have known about.

interesting facts about justin-bieber
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Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

1) Discovered by a mistake:

His manager and also the guy who discovered him in the first place, Scooter Braun, was watching random videos on YouTube, when he accidently clicked on a video of Justin singing in a singing competition. The video was uploaded by his mother for friends and family to view. After watching the video, Scooter knew this kid was destined for greatness.

2) Was an accident:

His parents never married and he was conceived when they were at a party in their teenage years. His mother even considered abortion but later had a change of heart. Although raised by his mom and loving grandparents, his father did not completely abandon him and regularly kept in touch with him since his early years.

3) Musical talents:

With no help from anyone at all, Justin taught himself how to play drums, guitar, piano and the trumpet. He always enjoyed playing different instruments and was destined to be a performer.

4) Huge following on social media:

With 80,000,000 followers, Justin Bieber is the second highest followed celebrity on Twitter. He also has a near 60 million followers on Instagram. Now that’s a lot of followers’ right there!

Justin Bieber Facts
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5) Trust Issues:

Justin Bieber trusts no one but his parents, Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mellette, with his career. He often asks them for advice and does not take any major decisions without consulting his parents first.

6) Really good in sports:

Growing up in school, Justin Bieber talked about how he would often get bullied by other kids because he was really good at sports. The other kids would pick on him for being better than them and that speaks volume of the many talents of the boy wonder. His favorite sports are Ice Hockey, Soccer and basketball.

7) Charitable:

Justin Bieber cut off his famous ‘swoosh’ hairstyle and auctioned a lock of hair that sold for a cool $40,000! All the proceedings went to charity.

8) Huge Drake fan:

Along with being friends with him, Justin Bieber has a huge respect for Drake and his music. He admits to playing Drake’s songs while driving.

9) Celebrity crush:

Justin Bieber has often stated the fact that he has a huge crush on Beyoncé and felt absolutely star-stricken when he finally met her at the VMA in 2008.

10) Net worth:

Justin Bieber currently has a Net Worth of an astonishing $200 million, which will only grow thanks to his endorsements, world tours and royalties!

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