10 Interesting Facts About Kesha

Kesha Facts 2016

Kesha, or should we say Ke$ha, is not your average, everyday musical celebrity. Kesha has such a unique persona about herself which has made the world wonder and take notice. From the glitter to the ripped socking, Kesha is not some typical performer. Underneath all that glitz and glamor, there is so much more to Kesha than you might know of.  Following are ten interesting facts about Kesha.

Facts About Kesha

Kesha Facts 2016
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1) Why the $ sign in her name?

Kesha initially used a $ sign in her name as a way to stylize it and to make it look cooler. There wasn’t any money motive behind it and Kesha gave an impression that she is not driven by money. She did proclaim that ‘she is the money’ though!

2) Big Break:

Like every other musician out there, Kesha too struggled to get to where she is today.  Fortunately for her, Kesha was got her big break when she featured in Flo Rida’s hit single ‘Right Round’.

3) Desperate measures:

Before Kesha made it as a singer, she broke into Prince’s house and left her demo there in the hope that he might take notice of her singing talents. You know what they say about desperate times leading to desperate measures!

4) Musical Inspirations:

As a young kid growing up, Kesha got her musical inspirations from listening to Singing Icons Madonna and Queen. After falling in love with their music, Kesha knew that becoming a singer is what she wanted from her life.

Interesting Facts About Kesha
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5) Loves writing songs:

Kesha has co-written all of her songs. She has also written songs for famous singers like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. Kesha admits that she loves writing her own music and considers herself as a song writer first, then a performer.

6) Like mother like daughter:

Kesha got her talents from her mother, Pebe Sebert, who was also a singer and song writer in her days. Pebe Sebert was known for co-writing some of Dolly Parton’s greatest hits.

7) A fast learner:

While still a high school student, Kesha used to sneak into Belmont University to attend classes to learn new things in life. You could say that she was a smart kid in class as she even achieved a 1500 SAT score.

8) Hard times growing up:

As a teenager growing up, Kesha had a hard time making friends as she would never fit in or get accepted for who she was as a person. Kesha dyed her hair purple and wore velvet pants as a way to express herself but others were less understanding.

9) LGBT and Animal Rights Activist:

Kesha has strongly shown her support towards the LGBT movement and also voices her support for animals’ right. She believes that people should be accepted for who they are and that animals should be treated with respect.

10) Cover the world in glitter:

Kesha’s one wish is to cover the entire world in glitter. Now that surely is one of the most interesting facts about Kesha!

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