10 Qualities That Makes Elon Musk Successful


We are all aware of the word successful and to be honest, we all love what success brings for us. Success is a store full of power, money, fame, reputation and what not. An individual who is successful is likely to be unknown. He is known to everybody. Successful people are mostly celebrities. It is true, that our deepest desires are also to become successful one day, but have you ever wondered how you might end up becoming successful? Elon Musk surely did! He is a South African born, Canadian-American business tycoon whose salary is about 78.2 Million United States Dollars estimated back in 2012 and his net worth is around 13.6 Billion United States Dollars which was estimated recently in March 2016! Wow. That’s quite a huge figure. We would probably be confused in counting the zeros in his salary. So how did he become successful on the first place? Lucky for you, I have listed down 10 qualities that makes Elon Musk successful. Go through them and if you want to be part of the success team do imply them in your life!

Qualities That Makes Elon Musk Successful

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10) Elon Musk worked for 80 – 100 hours a week
Yes it is true! Elon Musk is no lazy person. He is determined and ambitious. He not only has worked for eight to hundred hours a week but also gives advices to people that if you want to earn that crown of fame you need to work hard and be consistent with your work, and by consistent he means determined and have a target to achieve in your life. All of these things can only be achieved by hard work!

9) Taught to be Innovative from the Start

Elon Musk was taught to be innovative from the start. He is considered to be the Iron Man of the Marvel Movies, a fictional character who is not only a super hero but a billionaire and a person with a brilliant mind. Elon Musk has never ceased to disappoint people around him. He has always engulfed people with his bright and innovative ideas which never turned out to be a fiasco but they were quite spectacular in many practical ways.

8) He is a Persistent Innovator

If you don’t know, there is something that happened back in 2008. Elon Musk’s companies and as a matter of fact both of them went into bankruptcy. It was evaluated that he can transfer his funds to only one company and focus on one so that one company survives and he does not suffer a huge loss. Elon Musk’s personality did not allow him to do so. As he is persistent he decided to support both the companies which are SpaceX and Tesla Motors and both of them did well. Eventually the risk paid off.

7) Elon’s Musk Knows How To Improve The Status Quo

Elon’s Musk is the Chief Executive Officer of two companies; SpaceX and Tesla Motors. As a matter of fact SpaceX is one of the two companies chosen by NASA in order to develop a next generation system for astronauts that will take them to air space. On the other hand, Tesla Motors is giving a good 20 percent benefit to Ford and General Motors.

6) He Keeps On Learning
One of the best part which can be related to his success is that this forty three year old man who has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and another one in Physics, has never stopped learning. He keeps on updating himself with the day to day trends and innovations.

qualities that make elon musk successful
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5) He Thinks Outside The Box

Well you might be wondering that thinking outside the box means being innovative. There can be another side to it as well. Elon Musk sees the big picture. He is not only a workaholic but determined to make a difference in internet, clean energy and space.

4) He is Impudent
While most of you might believe that being audacious or bold is a wrong move for a person like Elon Musk. On the bright side it has never proved to be wrong for him. Elon Musk has clearly declared that he can absolutely make a flying car and wants to change the future of people for the better.

3) Elon Musk is a brilliant multi-tasker

Yes he is one. In last September and in that one month only he announced plans for Nevada “Gigafactory” and projected to bring 6500 Tesla Jobs. He also launched 12th flight of the Falcon 9 rocket for SpaceX, singed a 2.6 Billion United States Dollars contact with NASA, announced other plans for second “Gigafactory” and did much more!

2) He Has A Vivid Imagination To Do Spectacular Jobs

As mentioned about that he has declared of making a flying car, on the contrary he also gave his plans for a new means of transportation called the Hyperloop. It is a pod that will be short through nearly frictionless pipes. He even posted all his team’s work online and invited all the world to work on this common goal. JumpStartFund even took up this initiative. Recently, Hyperloop Technologies became the first contestants to announce a venture capital worth 8.5 Million in order to build the project.

1) He’s knows what is Actual Entrepreneurship
Elon Musk is an entrepreneur. Through PayPal he has made lives easier for the most of us. We can now make payments within seconds. SpaceX and Tesla are just other examples of his brilliant entrepreneurial skills.

So what did you think about the qualities of Elon Musk that made him successful? Comment below!

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