10 Unknown Facts About Deadpool (2016)

facts about Deadpool

After the remarkable success of Deadpool’s movie release, the red costumed, trash talking mercenary has gone on to become everyone’s favorite Anti-Hero. From his Swordsmanship to his sense of humor, Deadpool is everything a marvel fan boy would want in an Anti-Superhero.

This article talks about 10 interesting facts about Deadpool that will surely blow you away and make you an even bigger fan of the regenerative crime fighter.

Facts About Deadpool (2016)

facts about Deadpool

10) Originally introduced as a villain:

Deadpool has been a recent entry into the line of Marvel comics but when his character first landed in a comic book store, Deadpool was introduced as a Villain. Marvel had no intentions of making him the anti-hero that he is today.

His awesome regenerative abilities coupled with his fast paced mouth meant he was born to be an Anti-Hero.

9) Respect for Captain America:

Captain America is Deadpool’s childhood favorite super hero and he has a huge amount of respect for Steve Rogers. Even in the comics, Deadpool has constantly shown a great amount of admiration and respect for Captain America.

8) Appeared alongside almost every Marvel character:

Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Avengers and many more countless characters have been seen appearing alongside Deadpool in his comic series. Deadpool unique story line has meant that he has appeared alongside almost every character from the Marvel universe.

7) Breaking the Fourth Wall:

One of the most unique aspects of Deadpool’s character is that he knows that he’s just a fictional comic book character and has been seen regularly use that knowledge to interact with his readers.

6) Deadpool and Cable:

Deadpool and Cable together are the perfect comic book duo. The way their rivalry turns to friendship is a treat to uncover. Deadpool’s humor and Cable’s serious attitude are the perfect ingredients needed to create one of the best comic book duos out there.

deadpool facts

5) Practically invincible:

Deadpool’s regenerative abilities mean he literally cannot be killed. Any damage inflicted is immediately healed thanks to the experiments that made him the weapon that he is today.

4) Fastest mouth in the Marvel universe:

One of Deadpool’s greatest strengths is his ability to trash talk in every situation he faces. In his comics, Deadpool has often defeated some of the meanest villains by simply driving them insane by his constant chattering.

3) Connections with Spider-Man:

The creators of Deadpool were inspired by Spider-Man’s character and it’s easy to see the similarities between them. Marvel transpired this dilemma to the comic series, and that is why Deadpool is seen in his comics on a quest to befriend Spider-Man and win him over.

2) Tough body with a soft heart:

We all know that Deadpool is an Anti-hero to the core and along with murdering his enemies; he regularly torments his closest pals too. However deep down inside Deadpool has a soft side, especially for little kids.

1) Similarities with DeathStroke:

After designing DeadPool, Marvel noticed the similarities with a certain DC character called DeathStroke. Rather than altering Deadpool’s design to have more originality, Marvel named his character Wade Wilson as a joke since DeathStroke’s real name was “Slade Wilson.”

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