7 Countries With Richest Average People in 2016

Richest Average People 2016

The countries with richest average people and the highest GDP per capita are one of those few unexpected ones.  A GDP indicates the health or the status of a country’s economy. This number is influenced by many important factors such as the capital resources that impact a nation’s growth, the labor work force and the economics agents. However, GDP doesn’t take into account the size of a nation’s population. So now higher the population, lesser the piece of share the citizen will get from the overall fruit just like China being a populous country with a population of 1.3 billion people, is not one of the countries with richest average people.

Countries With Richest Average People

Richest Average People 2016
Source: indiatoday.intoday.in


Here are a few countries that tops the list with average richest people:

7) Australia

Australia, with a GDP of $1.44 trillion and having a population of about 28.8 million, yet the average citizen earns about a healthy amount of $50,449 annually.

6) United States of America

United States has the largest GDP, combine that of 17% of the world GDP i.e $17.4 trillion. However, it still doesn’t become the country with the highest number of rich average people, simply because of having a population of more than 321 million people. So it brings down USA in the ranking. However, the average citizen still earns about $56,340 yearly; Being the largest wage earned in the world.

5) Brunei

Again because of having a population less than half a million, Burnei enjoys the advantage of a GDP of $15.1 billion, which actually ranks 118th in the world. Adding more to that, the country doesn’t even charges income or sales taxes on its citizens. However, Brunei can enjoy its fruits till the next 22 years, the oil reserves will come to an end to keep the country having richest average people.

4) Norway

The country ranks highest when we talk about GDP. Norway has a GDP of $500 billion. Reason being, the country has efficiently took advantage of its natural resources, which are hydroelectricity, petrol and fishes, which allows the average citizen to earn an income of about $49,663.

3) Singapore

Singapore is known for two factors, one being a pro-business and second being market oriented. Because of such strong backbone, the economy benefited with a %308 billion GDP. The monthly income of an average Singaporean is $3,694.

2) Luxembourg

With a GDP of $62.3 billion lies 73rd largest however, having a population of less than 600,000, the fruits of the economy is outstandingly disturbed amongst the people. On top of that, its just a tiny country with a 998 square miles of land.

1) Qatar

Qatar tops the list with $210 billion GDP. One of the main reasons behind this is that Qatar utilizes and diversifies its petroleum and natural gas, as the economy is heavily depended on it. Even with a downfall the hydrocarbon sector, Qatar still experienced a growth of 4.1% in the first quarter of 2015. It’s a boom economy, and people seem to get richer and richer.

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