7 Facts About NFL’s Worth of Today as Compared to in 1993

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The National Football League is one of the top most professional American football leagues, which covers 32 teams under it, which are equally divided between the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. With the leading professional level of football in the world, NFL ranks as the fourth major professional sports league in the North America. The NF consists of a long 17 week season. Formerly, NFC was known as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) and came into being in 1920; however, the name was changed to National Football League for the 1922 season. A merger was agreed upon in 1966 where at the end of the year, the first Super Bowl was held, thereby completing the merger in the year 1970. NFL leads with the highest attendance of 67,591 professional sports league in the world, and hence is also known as the United States most popular sport league.

Till today, Green Bay Packers is the team with most NFL champions at thirteen, followed by Pittsburgh Steelers with the most Super Bowl championships with six and currently, the NFL championship was won by Denver Broncos against Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 with a score of 24 – 10.  With such a strong presence over the years and being the most popular sports league in USA, our eyes is on the net worth of NFL since its existence. In year 1993, NFL’s net worth was $3.64 Billion; let’s see where it stands today. So here are a 7 facts to put forward the net worth of NFL today as compared to in 1993 with a worth of $3.64 billion.

NFL Worth 2016 Vs. 1993

nfl stadium 2016
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7) NFL back in the days

With generating revenue of $1.62 billion and adding more to it the stadium team values, media contracts and the total worth of 28 teams back then in the league totaled the worth to $3.64 billion

6) Worth of Ex-NFL players

It makes sense to discuss the ex-NFL player’s worth and their standing because of NFL. Deion Sanders also famous by “Neon Deion”, had made his way to Major League teams, whereas, in NFL alone he bagged $47 million only. Followed by Michael Strahan who set a record in NFL bagging the quarterback in a single season, whose net worth is $45 million, sacked $60 million after deducting the loss due his divorce. Finally, Brett Favre who was popular for his gun-slinging way on the pitch, leading with raking $ 139 million as a salary during his NFL career with four teams.

5) NFL is the Cash Cow

Here’s what I suggest the Webster Dictionary, if they ever think of replacing the cash cow phrase, they can simply switch it with National Football League. In 1993, the worth of NFL stood at $3.64 billion, in 2001 it stood at revenue of $4.28 billion, and then in 2013 it went up till $9billion and in last season NFL made revenue of $11.09 billion. For this season, the estimates are projected over $12 billion.

4) Is NFL the answer for Trump’s Country Debt?

On a lighter note, the $12 billion projection revenue for this season, it could also be a thought to think over that NFL is the Donald Trump’s solution to the USA’s debt, by nationalizing the NFL. On the other hand, it still won’t make a difference on the country’s debt. If one were to imagine, then this would ultimately mean creating a cabinet a position by nixing the position of commissioner, Roger Goodell as the Secretary of the NFL. Then another thought occurs, Roger Goodell making his way to presidency?

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3) NFL at Present:

In a decade only, the league as a whole stands today at worth of $62.9 billion. Breaking the worth, the most valuable team is Dallas Cowboys at $4 billion – which is more than the total worth of NFL back in 1993. The second leading team in 2015 is the New England Patriots with a worth of $3.2 billion. In 1993, the NFL average team’s worth was $130 million, and today each team generates more than double in revenue.

2) Splitting the National Broadcasting Revenue

With such huge coverage in the United States, it shouldn’t come as a new to you when I tell you how with comparison to 1993 the NFL makes its money. As CBS and NBC bid for television rights, the 32 teams get to divide the national broadcasting revenue, where last season the teams split $4.4 billion. Last year Verizon bought the streaming rights for $1 billion.

1) NFL Stadium Valuation

Adding more to the worth of NFL, the stadium valuation also plays its major role. In the present time, NFL will not be building any stadium for less than $ 1 billion, thereby, the recent newly build stadiums cost at least $2 billion. Back in 80’s the Sun Life Stadium, known as the home of the Miami Dolphins was the only one that costs just $115 million.

What we can say and that you may agree with is if Roger Goodell continues to work on this path only, he shall take NFL to generating revenue over $25 billion by 2027. If that happens, amplify the amount of each team’s standing worth of today with that in 2027. Makes sense when we say why Webster Dictionary should consider replacing the cash cows phrase with National Football League.

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