8 Deadly Warnings The World Ignored

deadly warnings world ignored

Every time the world at one end of the place witnesses a tragic ginormous catastrophe, everyone pays attention to it. Disasters like Spanish Flu, Asian Tsunami they came out of now where, however created major chaos in their wake. But there are other catastrophes which we have had knowledge and hints about since years, yet the world just somehow manages to ignore it. Here I have listed 8 deadly warnings the world ignored which turned out to be gigantic disasters.

deadly warnings world ignored
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9) Tobacco and Cancer link

Back in 1930, the German researchers had found a link between tobacco and cancer and by late 1940’s it was conclusive. However, to reject such findings and links, the Big Tobacco Company funded a phony scientific council who were to counter such claims against Tobacco. This group rejected the range of health problems in 1989 put forward to them by a Surgeon General. Even though, people are well aware, how Tobacco is harmful for them, yet Imperial Tobacco still continues to claim that smoking and cancer has no link. Over a 100 million people have died from cancer due to the consumption of tobacco in the 20th century.

8) The Haiti Earthquake

Since 1998, major earthquake predictions were made in the Haiti region; however, since it was a vague one, the officials didn’t take it seriously. Later, Prepetit had taken notice of the original research about these predictions and made out a shocking relevance. He made sure to raise a voice, let the government know, spoke before international audiences too, but the Haiti leaders didn’t seem to care much. In 2010, Haiti witnessed the worst earthquake and turned the capital into a vast cemetery. The leaders could have taken notice, tear down the unstable buildings and build earthquake proof ones; instead they spent money in luxuries for themselves.

7) The Fukushima Meltdown

Scientists had investigates a potential of a huge catastrophe in Fukushima 20 years before the Japanese earthquake managed to find its way to destroy the nuclear power plant and devastate the country. The Fukushima meltdown is named as one of the worst disasters in the world.

6) The Dangers Of Asbestos

Asbestos, known for its strong resistance to fire and strength, it is used to stuff in to the homes. However, since 19th century, it is also thought as the biggest mistake too as it is a leading cause for lung cancers, diseases and early death. Even knowing so, asbestos is still being manufactured.

5) The Financial Crash

Many people had predicted the financial crash and the collapse of banking system; however, only one person came quite close to it, Brooksley E. Born. When she was appointed to Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), an organization that keeps an eye on the financial market, the Wall Street was booming because of the effects of deregulation.  From the poor to the rich, all were getting their share of the cake. The moment she walked into the office, Born started to work and fight for in credit swap derivatives, a method that diminishes or could even avert the financial meltdown. Unfortunately, her warnings were deemed as the method which would cause a financial crisis, by Alan Greenspan the free market advocate. The Congress to sides of Alan and stripped the CFTC of its powers. Soon, the system failed a collapse a mass unemployment, skyrocketing prices, recession.

4) History’s Deadliest Avalanche

Two graduates, namely Charles Sawyer and David Bernays went on an expedition in 1962 on Cordillera Blance mountain range in Peru, and examined a glacier called 511. They witnessed that the glacier was unstable. The boys alerted the Peruvian authorities, and no one took them seriously. On May31,1970 an earthquake pushed away the glacier 511 down the valley, which buried over 25,000 people underneath rock and wall of ice.

3) The Wall Street Crash

1929, The Wall Street witnessed the major financial meltdown which led to 25% mass internal migration, unemployment and misery of millions. Only one man saw it coming, the economist Roger Babson, who predicted this crash on September 5, 1029 and just two weeks later, more than $5billion was out of the economy, if compared to today’s value, that’s a figure beyond imagination. Although, the warning came years before, but on September 5, it was made public.

2) The Rise Of Hitler

Soon after Germany out an end to World War 1 with their surrender, in 1919, a massive amount of fine was imposed on the country by the French. The amount was so big that it pissed off everyone. Even the economist John Maynard Keynes couldn’t ignore the huge digits, and had predicted this will lead to something really bad to rise. He was right; it was how the Hitler took his rise.

1) 9/11

It was a combination of bureaucracy in America, that an imminent devastating attack warning yet to happen in America were ignored. It was well known since June 22, 2001 that an attack from Al-Qaeda will happen, which was also backed up by a good intelligence. However, any such actions to be taken against these findings were stopped by the Pentagon politicians and the report was deemed as a fabrication, followed by a theory that this was just a misguide to remove the attention from Saddam Hussein himself. With urgency, this issue was raised again and again on June 29th, July 9th, July 24th, and August 6th, yet again the issue was batted aside. The ignorance led to the worst terrorist attack in the American history, with taking away lives of 3000 people. Had the government taken notice and appropriate actions beforehand, such incident could be avoided.

Should we blame the human nature or our governments? Despite several warnings backed up by findings and reports, these are all considered nuisance.  What does one get by ignoring such warnings and later being sorry and clearing the mess, in many cases still nothing is being done.

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