9 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Shocking facts

One thing we all have to agree with is the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is undoubtedly the most famous men in Hollywood. Since his childhood appearances in TV till today his major roles in movies, he has developed an impeccable reputation for himself. If anything, women wants to be Leo’s girl and men want to be like Leo. Known for his significant roles in Titanic, Romeo&Juliet, The Great Gatsby, Shutter Island and many more, what else do you know about him? Here, I have listed down all those facts about Leonardo DiCaprio to know your favourite actor better than anyone else, narrowing down to 9 Shocking things you didn’t know about Leonardo DiCaprio.

9 Shocking Things You Din’t Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Shocking facts
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9) Leo and Drugs? Nope. Never.

That’s difficult to believe, isn’t it? The guy who went all out in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, haven’t ever consumed drugs. During his shoot of the movie, Leo confessed that his childhood was surrounded by drugs; hence, by the time he grew up, his temptation wasn’t there. For The Wolf of Wall Street, the co-star Johan Hill and Leo both consulted a drug expert and also spent a great amount of time studying “The Drunkest Guy in the World” YouTube video for their act.  He truly is an amazing actor, isn’t it?

8) DiCaprio Has A Daughter

Hold on, before you come up with some conclusions. During his shoot of Blood Diamond, DiCaprio was working with 24 orphan children from SOS Children’s village. These are the children who are without any home, shelter owing to the poverty, diseases and war, the issues that have taken over the country for years. It’s said that Leo’s heart was quite touched by these children and especially this one girl had built a really close connection with him, resulting Leo to officially stay in contact with her. Leo has adopted her; however he doesn’t raise her or lives with her, but sends her money on monthly basis for her needs and expenses along with frequently staying in touch with her.

7)  He doesn’t spends on extravaganza

Even with his fame and fortune, unlike other actors with his worth, Leo spends intelligently. Now we shouldn’t call that he’s cheap or stingy when it comes to spending money. Instead of sending his fortune on expensive cars and keeping a collection of them, Leo owns one vehicle, a Toyota Prius. Instead of buying a private jet, Leo prefers to fly on commercial plane. The logic is simple, to protect the environment from preventable emissions. Not just that, Leo is also known for his generous amount of donations, and supporting environmental causes.

6) Near Death Experience With A Shark

Disclosing his near death experience with a shark during his diving expedition in Cape Town, South Africa at The Ellen DeGeneres Show; back in 2006, Leo  had a face to face encounter with the Great White Shark which ended up coming halfway into the cage in which Leo was in. Leo quickly reacted and moved to the bottom of the cage. The shark did take few gnaws at him, Leo tried to maintain his distance and made out of the cage without a scratch. At another place and time, Leo again witnessed near death experience when his parachute wouldn’t open while sky diving, luckily, his instructor was close enough to save him out of the situation.

5) Fluent German

Leo’s mother was born in Germany. From a very young age, she taught him to speak native German. Since his parents were divorced when he was quite young, Leo lived with his mother and German grandmother.

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4) Leonardo DiCaprio To almost Lenny Williams

When Leo was 10, his agent suggested him to change his name to Lenny Williams, as Leonardo DiCaprio was too ethnic and didn’t had much appeal for getting roles. The agent even went so far that he wouldn’t sign Leo until his accepts the name change advise. Leo rejected the plea. Later, the agent signed him with his actual name only and before Leo could see, this ethnic name had landed him great role in Growing Pains, TV show.

3) Charity is Leo’s Middle Name

Leo is known for his generous pockets and his idea of giving back to the society and the world. Few of his donations and charities which only makes up as a tip of the ice berg are noted as, his $3 million to save tigers in Nepal, $3 million to save the ocean wildlife, $31.7 million for global charity,$61000 to support gay rights and along with Kate Winslet he also helped to pay the nursing fees of the last Titanic last survivor.

2) He Was Once Part Of “The Pussy Posse”

Starring fresh in his young days in Titanic, Leo was known to frequent the bar scene. He used to regularly hangout with the same group of boys, and got themselves known as “The Pussy Posse”. The boy used to get together, go out to party and to look for women.

1) Leo Has Never Been the Man With A Wedding Ring

Having achieved too much in life and in career, Leo hasn’t still settled down. He has dated many beautiful women, stayed in long term relationships too but never once been married. He might not want to be labeled or maybe he’s too career-focused. From his early days, Leo has been found dating Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr. After a well-deserved Oscar finally found his way, let’s hope he soon finds a wife too.

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