10 Interesting Apple iPhone 7 Rumors & Facts

Apple iPhone 7 facts rumors

The upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to be a game changer for Apple. The strong competition from Apple’s rivals, especially Samsung, has forced Apple to play its hand and go all out in its upcoming iPhone 7. With rumors about what we can expect in the upcoming iPhone 7 spreading like a wild fire, we have listed the most reliable ones. Following are ten interesting rumors about iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors & Facts

Apple iPhone 7 facts rumors
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1) Release Date: September 2016

Apple has made it a habit to launch all of their previous iPhones on a similar schedule. The last couple of iPhone models has been released in the month of September, and should be the same for the upcoming iPhone 7.

2) A completely new design:

Popular rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will be the slimmest iPhone ever designed, ranging from 6 millimeters to 6.8 millimeters. In addition to that, iPhone 7 shall be more rugged, sporting an all metallic design and being completely dust/water proof.

3) A much improved display:

In order to match the awesomeness of Samsung Galaxy’s brilliant display, the upcoming iPhone 7 might finally ditch a LCD display for an OLED display. With more natural colors and a much better viewing experience, Apple cannot go wrong by applying an OLED display to the iPhone 7. The screen size is expected to remain the same as the iPhone 6s.

4) Faster than ever:

One thing is for certain that the upcoming iPhone 7 shall be a lot faster than its predecessor iPhone 6s. IPhone 7 could get a major power boost from the revolutionary and super-fast ‘Hexa-Core’ A 10 chip. The RAM should remain the same at 2 GB, as the iPhone 6s just got this transition.

5) A great camera gets even better:

The 12 megapixels back camera, couple with the 5 megapixels front facing camera performed wonders for the iPhone 6s, especially in low light. We can expect slight performance tweaks and some additional features to boost the camera performance in the iPhone 7 but no drastic changes.

6) Battery issues:

With a rumored thinner design of the iPhone 7, it’s difficult to imagine how Apple engineers will fit a bigger or even the same battery in a much slimmer iPhone design.

7) A new Operating system:

The upcoming iPhone 7 should come with an updated ios 10. This update should fix minor problems of the iPhone 6s, boost speed and improve battery life for the iPhone 7.

8) Wireless Charging:

Not to remain outdone by Samsung for too long, Apple should finally bring wireless charging capability to the iPhone 7. That’s not all as tech wizards predict that charge time for the new iPhone 7 shall be much less time consuming than ever seen before.

9) Same starting price:

The starting price for the upcoming iPhone 7 should be the same as what its predecessor was introduced for. Which means the iPhone7 shall have a retail price of around $ 750 at launch.

10) Unhackable:

After the recent FBI incident, there are talks going around about Apple making the upcoming iPhone 7 virtually unhackable! Now that surely is one of the most interesting facts and rumors about iPhone 7.

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