Top 5 Facts About Captain America: Civil Wars

Captain America- Civil War Facts

If you’re a comic book fan, you will surely understand what I mean when I say, Civil Wars is one of the most awaited stories that the fans have been waiting to see on the big screen. Here’s a good new to y’all, our prayers have been heard and it’s happening. Adding more to it, this shall be also the biggest release of Marvel’s. The story may be based on the comic, but there’s still quite many things as a mystery about Captain America: Civil Wars. What we know is the Spiderman will show up, whereas Iron Man and Captain America will go to war. The question is how similar will be the movie and the comic, that isn’t clear.

Here’s some interesting facts about Captain America: Civil Wars that I have jotted down to clear out any cloud !

Captain America: Civil Wars Facts

Captain America- Civil War Facts

5) There’s No Secret Identity

In the comic book of Civil War, a Registration Act of Superhuman had split the heroes as they were unwilling to show the government their identities. However, in the film what you’ll see is by signing this contract the superheroes will only work for the government. Reason being, Kevin Feige had said that it’s about who reports to who, there’s no such thing as secret identity.

So when the government will see it appropriate as per the situation, we’ll see a culmination of all that we have seen before.

4) How The War Begins

As we know that the Marvel Studio have the ownership of the New Warriors, but this times it will not be their responsibility if the government wants the superheroes to register. So here’s a leak, the synopsis reveals that there will be a collateral damage which will involve the Avengers and after this an a governing body will be install that shall decide the team. Basically, from what we know is that Crossbone will be responsible for bringing about this huge disaster, ultimately costing lives of hundreds of people and the obvious plot that the heroes will be held responsible. Crossbone will come into such devastating action because Baron Zemo wants the Superhuman Reistration Act for his own atrocious acts.

3) Crossbones Vs. Captain America

Let’s not call it a spoiler that Captain America will find victory after a this scrap. Whereas, the tweet of Frank Grillo says that his work was finished on the movie, highlights that he really didn’t have a big role. Who knows about his input as yet, but in the comics, Captain America is assassinated by Crossbones, once the war is finished. So we might want to keep an eye on that.

2) Ant-Man Will Grow

Yes, Yes it was a huge surprise for me too when Marvel Studios announced that cast is an addition of Paul Rudd’s /Ant Man. Although he won’t have a big role, but whatever appearance he’ll make, it will surely be a memorable one. What we know more is that Ant Man’s costume will not shrink but grow this time about 20 – 30 ft. tall while in a battle with Iron Man’s forces!

1) Less of T’Challa as the Black Panther!

I am sure you all must have heard the same rumors as I have as to what role will the Black Panther have in Captain America: Civil War. Few rumors suggest that he might take sides with Iron Man and fight on his side, before he detects the team of Captain America. Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios did highlight something about T’Challa and that is he has only considered the Black Panthers mantel. What he refused to further tell and built more curiosity is that will we get to see him in his costume. Let’s not forget it is due to the events that took place in Avengers: Age of Ultron that made Black Panther be a part of the outside world. So the interesting direction on his part is that T’Challa will more be like fresh eyes who wasn’t entrenched with the Avengers. So in his solo movie will be continuing from Black Panther with that role, which means it will cross over the original story. So we can say Captain America: Civil Wars will be a bit responsible for that !

Hope you enjoyed knowing interesting facts about Captain America: Civil War, let me know your opinions or any rumors you heard in the comments section below.

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