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  • Elon Musk Facts

    5 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk

    Tesla Motors who are known for their electrical cars is rightly being directed by their CEO, Elon Musk. A man who’se life in a nutshell is more like a real life sci-fi thriller. Elon Musk is a South African born Canadian American Business man, an inventor, an engineer and an investor. Currently, he serves as […]

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    Maria Sharapova Facts 2016

    8 Interesting Facts About Maria Sharapova

    Ranked as World’s no.  3 by Women’s Tennis Association, Maria Yuryevna Sharapova has reached epitome in her profession as a tennis player. Within her career path, she has took along with her name a series of titles, one in WTA Championships, Grand Slam and seven is WTA Tour Tournaments. She also holds 4 WTA awards […]

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    Critiano Ronaldo Facts

    16 Interesting Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

    You don’t need to be a sports fan and specially a football follower to know Cristiano Ronaldo. His name is out there, almost every other person knows him, and if you don’t, then my friend, you are definitely living under a rock. Even if you are, I am about to make life easy for you […]

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    Facts About Tyrese Gibson

    10 Interesting Facts About Tyrese Gibson

    We all have must watched ‘Fast and Furious’ series. Yes, the amazing movies; with a pinch of action, drama, excitement and let’s not forget the best factor, cars! We all loved those impeccable cars. The sound of the engine roaring, plus the actors. So how can we forget that one main person who was Paul’s […]

  • Donald Trump Funny Facts

    10 Facts You Don’t Want To Know About Donald Trump

    Donald John Trump, the billionaire, you have been seeing a lot of him these days on your television and on social media, or pretty much everywhere. The 2016 Republican Presidential nomination has become the media celebrity. Known mostly for his controversial remarks and insults he has been on the almost every other cover news outlet. […]

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    harper lee facts

    10 Interesting Facts About Harper Lee

    If you have read the novel How to Kill a Mockingbird you all may know Harper Lee. What’s sad is that the author who is so close to us, who won the Pulitzer Prize for writing this one classical novel passed away on 19th February 2016. While we grieve for her death, we may also […]

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    pawn stars chumlee arrest 2016

    13 Interesting Facts About Chumlee – The Pawn Stars

    Looks like American’s have their favourite from the show Pawn Star; yes we are talking about Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Since the debut of the show, it seems like everyone wants to roam around wearing Chumlee’s image embellished on their shirts. Maybe that’s why we see the back room of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is […]

  • Kesha Facts 2016

    10 Interesting Facts About Kesha

    Kesha, or should we say Ke$ha, is not your average, everyday musical celebrity. Kesha has such a unique persona about herself which has made the world wonder and take notice. From the glitter to the ripped socking, Kesha is not some typical performer. Underneath all that glitz and glamor, there is so much more to […]

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    interesting facts about justin-bieber

    10 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

    Adored by millions and hated by millions. This single statement defines why Justin Bieber became a phenomenon when he was first introduced as fresh faced singer in 2008. We have watched Justin grow up and out of his cute looks to the controversial heartthrob that he is today. Once his “Bieber Fever” madness spread, nothing […]

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    Facts About Dakota Johnson

    10 Interesting Facts About Dakota Johnson

    Dakota Johnson turned more than a few heads from demonstrating her strong acting skills in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The movie might not have been the success it was predicted to be but the popularity of Dakota Johnson has risen ever since. There a lot more than meets the eye of the Texas born Actress. […]