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    mythbusters facts

    Interesting Facts About MythBusters – TV Show

    Doesn’t it make you curious that how the Mythbusters never run out of myths to be busted? I mean several seasons came out and never ran out of myths to bust? Well it looks like current season is their last season and we are gonna miss Mythbusters .Originally, the show was about dealing with urban […]

  • suits season 5 facts

    Interesting Facts About Suits Season 5

    The entire idea and the catch out the show to begin with was how Mike Ross practices as a lawyer in New York, however, what we know now is that Mike Ross has been arrested for not holding a law degree. So how would season 5 of Suits would be like, without the shows main […]

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  • facts about bollywood films

    Interesting Facts About Bollywood Films

    After Hollywood, if anything that moves people from their place and is said to be more than a cinema, it is Bollywood. Bollywood is no more a “desi thing” but a source of entertainment to many audiences out there. Known for 2 till even 3 hour long movies, Bollywood surely knows how to keep their […]

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    fast and furious 8 facts

    10 Interesting Facts About Fast and Furious 8

    The Fast and the Furious franchise have made it a habit of releasing hits after hits on the big screen. It always seemed like the trilogy will go on forever. However the tragic death of Paul Walker in 2013 made us all wonder if this meant the end of one of the most successful movie […]

  • batman Vs Superman Facts Movie 2016

    10 Interesting Facts About BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Movie

    It’s the blockbuster of 2016 that we all are impatiently waiting for. Batman VS Superman is so much more than just another super hero movie. This movie is about the little fan boy/girl that will come screaming out of us, as we all have literally grown up watching these two. From watching the animated series, […]

  • facts about Deadpool

    10 Unknown Facts About Deadpool (2016)

    After the remarkable success of Deadpool’s movie release, the red costumed, trash talking mercenary has gone on to become everyone’s favorite Anti-Hero. From his Swordsmanship to his sense of humor, Deadpool is everything a marvel fan boy would want in an Anti-Superhero. This article talks about 10 interesting facts about Deadpool that will surely blow […]