9 Interesting Facts About Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle

Christopher Henry Gayle, known as Chris Gayle was born on September 1971 and is also the most aggressive cricket batsmen of his time. Gayle is also been boasted about his extraordinary test record and likewise also carries the name of T20 legend.  As a well-known personality and a prominent cricket player too, a cricket fanatic should know a bit more about Chris Gayle. So here are 9 Interesting Facts About Chris Gayle.

Chris Gayle Facts

Chris Gayle
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9)  Not So Lavish Beginnings

As compared to his lavish life style today and with what he has been able to achieve, this was not how his life was when he was a child. Chris Gayle was the fifth child out of 6 children; his father was a policeman and mother used to sell nibbles within their neighborhood. They were not poor; however, one can say his life started off with modest beginnings and made his was to Richie rich.

8)  Cricket Was In His Blood

Gayle was inspired by his grandfather who used to play at club cricket. His passion was passed on to his young grandchild, Chris. When Gayle was interviewed by The Telegraph, he said that the talent was so raw and cricket was in his family, he was surrounded by that passion.

7)  Gayle’s Too Lazy

The sloppy and careless attitude of Gayle is not something he developed in recent years, but he carries that attitude since his teenage days. Back in his childhood days, Gayle was called “crampy”, which we know means a person who is way too lazy.  If anything, this is not a professional attitude. Let’s continue to more interesting Chris Gayle facts.

Interesting Chris Gayle Facts
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6)  God of T20

Something the cricket fanatics and buddies must agree to is the boom of T20 has definitely made its way to many hearts and turned around a lot of cricketers lives. Adding more to that, Gayle is one of those cricketers who has benefitted from this short format game. By a huge margin, Chris Gayle is definitely the greatest T20 batsman. Why we say so? Chris is by far the only cricketer who has scored 8000 runs, over 10 tons and over 50 half centuries and more to this the first person to score over 500 sixes in the T20 series. Okay wow! Not only he has played in every t20 league but has also managed to stay on dominance on every one of them. In IPL T20, Chris Gayle was known to have the highest score of 175. Gayle has played and dominated the T20 series of Kolkata Knight Riders, Jamaica, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Jamaica Tallawahs, Western Australia, Matabeleland Tuskers, Sydney Thunder, Highveld Lions, Somerset and Dhaka Gladiators.

5)  100-Test veteran

Gayle has always been underestimated for the talent he brings to the table when it comes to test player. Gayle has had an outstanding record in t20s and what people have forgotten is that for West Indies Gayle stands as eighth highest test cricket run scorer and is also is one the list of one of the nine West Indies who have played over 100 tests. Not only this, but Gayle is West Indian teams third opener, following Desmond Haynes and Fordon Greenidge, although Gayle’s average is more than that of Haynes when it comes to being an opener.

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Source: www.youtube.com

4)  Man of Three Centuries

Let’s not undestimate the power of Chris Gayle, the guy bags with himself as being one of the four batsmen, which includes Brian Lara, Don Bradman and Virender Sehwag, to hit the mark of two Test triple hundreds ! Now that is something to be amazed at.

3)  World Cup Record

Gayle once again, managed to set a record in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 out of many other reocrds being smashed. Gayle was the only man in the history, as everyone witnessed who managed to hit a double century and reached 215 against Zimbabwe in the World Cup match. In this pursue, Gayle broke the record of Gary Kirsten, who sixteen years ago set a score at 188 in a World Cup. However, Gayle’s short lived record only managed to break through its way in the history for a week only, when Martin Guptill scored 237, against West Indies.

2)  Underestimated All Rounder

Let’s include the T20I wickets that Gayle has managed to get, so that makes it over 250 international scalps. Now let me break down that number for you. His right arm off spin has managed him to get over 160 ODI wickets and above 70 test wickets, and in both formats with a five-fors. Gayle’s talent must never be overlooked!

Chris Gayle Partying
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1)  Resentment with the Jamaican Government

Gayle has been up front about his talent and what he has to offer to West Indians, and for that it’s understandable when Gayle told The Telegraph that he pretty much feel bitter about the Jamaican government for not highlighting him as one of the prime cricketers in the world, followed by not even conceding him any small favours occasionally. All the guy asks for is acknowledgement and little decency. In his words, Gayle further says that he has hit two triple centuries and never once he saw a camera at the airport waiting to welcome him, which obviously did hurt him. He has done a lot for schools and hospitals, paid his taxes which are millions if to be exact. He resents how people who have done less or nothing have received so many privileges, despite the fact Gayle asked for it twice and never got a yes as an answer. Gayle also said, he will not give the Jamaican government a third chance to turn him down.

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