13 Interesting Facts About Chumlee – The Pawn Stars

pawn stars chumlee arrest 2016

Looks like American’s have their favourite from the show Pawn Star; yes we are talking about Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Since the debut of the show, it seems like everyone wants to roam around wearing Chumlee’s image embellished on their shirts. Maybe that’s why we see the back room of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is filled with massive stock of boxes of t-shirts.

So who is this chumlee? The clown resident of Las Vegas Boulevard Pawn Shop and has gained notable popularity amongst the fans, at least based on all Chumlee related merchandises and their high demand. Austin Chumlee Russell works behind the counter where his job is to test the items brought in to the Pawn Shop, load them and write down tickets for items and goods purchased by customers.

In words of Rick Harrison, the anchor of show explains the popularity and Chumlee’s appeal as “Kids love Chumlee “Kids love Chumlee because he’s the adult that they’re smarter than,”. The show has a huge audience and one of the main reasons is Chumlee and when new sassy insult with the Old Man will have in store for Chumlee. So here are few interesting facts about Chumlee – Pawn Star.

Chumlee Facts

Chumlee Facts - The Pawn Stars 2016
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13) The Underdog

Chumlee is the underdog of Pawn Stars show. It holds a top rating and is a second most watched reality show specifically in North America.

12) Chumlee Is Not Alone

No we do not mean that he is dating someone, but we meant to say Chumlee has gone so big with the popularity and fan base, that he has a personal assistant now.

11) Chumlee’s Dumbest Move Of All Time

What we all know is how many dumb things Chumlee has done on camera and the track record is clear. However, we you guys do not know his dumbest move before the inception of show. As per Corey, once a guy came in to get his standup bass pawned, but Chumlee placed it leaning against the shell and went away. As he didn’t pay attention to this, the bass fell, broke and completely shattered into pieces. ,Chumlee collected all the pieces, put them in a box and placed a pawn number on the box. When the man came back to pick up his standup bass he completed freaked out seeing it shattered in pieces and immediately pawned it for $700. The bass turned out to be a rare piece and wounded up costing the Pawn Shop $20,000. And the only explanation Chumlee had for his actions were “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

10) Ran A Quizon’s Franchise

Chumlee along with Corey also ran a Quzion’s franchise. The owner was of course, Rick.

9) Chumlee has been dangerous

Chumlee tried out and ended up burning his arm. Ouch? Well, one of the blunder busses he tested out, a flame shout out that ended up burning his arm.

8) Die Drei vom Pfandhaus

Chumlee also has a fan following in Germany, however his show is called “Die Drei vom Pfandhaus” (“The Three of the Pawnshop”) In addition his show is also watched from Singapore to Serbia. He has definitely become an international phenomenon. Now we do understand why there are boxes and boxes of merchandise of Chumlee in the Pawn Shop.

pawn stars chumlee arrest 2016
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7) Great Taste in Shows

The guy has got a great taste in TV shows. There’s no episode of Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and the Broadwalk Empire that Chumlee would miss. Why we say that? As compared to Rick who is always found reading.

6) Access to Bon Jovi’s Show

Chumlee was given free front row tickets as Jon Bon Jovi requested to him and the guys. That’s cool, actually pretty cool, right? Because when are you personally invited by Bon Jovi to his show?

5) Net Worth

Don’t take Chumlee for granted. Austin Chumlee Russell has a net worth of $5 million. He earns a good $25,000 for each episode of Pawn Show he appears on. The show has a maximum contribution to his wealth.

4) Also Known As The PinWizard

Russell may be known for his lack of intelligence, but he has his game strong when it comes to Pin Ball machines. When the second season of Pawn Shop came, Chumlee got another nick as The PinWizard. With his knowledge, he even shocked and impressed Corey.

3) Hottest Merchandize?

Chumlee’s image on the shirt is so much in demand that a thousand of shirts are sold almost every other day. However, Chumlee doesn’t keep track of his merchandises, what’s being sold and what’s not. Basically he licenses his images to Rick, who then deals with all the merchandizes.

2) Weight Loss and Access to ride Hovercraft

Chumlee altered his lifestyle choices and lost good 34 kgs within a year. Chumlee chose gym, healthy eating habits, improved his diet, drank more juices, ate loads of vegetables and completely abstained to consume red meat. He underwent this change soon after his father’s death at the age of 54 from pancreatic cancer, just two weeks before the launch of Pawn Stars. Moreover, his weight loss has now enabled him to also ride a hovercraft that he bought in the early days of series. He couldn’t ride the hovercraft as of the weight restriction of 140 kg.

1) Arrested in Sexual Assault Accusation

Shocking as it sounds; Chumlee’s home was raided by the police on March 9, 2016 soon after a search warrant was approved. He was accused to have committed a sexual assault. The police arrested the Pawn Show star after they found marijuana and methamphetamine in his home, along with a gun too. However, Chumlee is now out of jail after a bail of $62,000 was paid. Chumlee will not sit quiet; he will be fighting against the drug and weapon charges against him along with the sexual assaulting accusations if they get filed as stated by his lawyer on March 10.

If you have anything else to do add to the list of interesting facts about Chumlee 2016, let us know in the comments section below.

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