9 Interesting Facts About Gods of Egypt (2016)

Gods of Egypt Facts Movie

Newly released movie called Gods of Egypt from a fantasy and adventure genre. The movie is directed by Alex Proyas and written by Matt Salamanca along with Burk Sharpless. As the movie’s lead roles the cast is Rufus Sewell, Brenton Thwaites, Gerad Butler, Nikloaj Coster and Geoffrey Rush. So the story line revolves around a malignant hero ‘Bek’ and a thief who makes allies with the God ‘Horus’ to being down the God of Darkness ‘Set’. God Horus has been casted away as the God Set has taken over of Egypt. The movie has already created a bit too much replete and redundant hype, also because Gerad Butler is as a lead actor too. So here are a few interesting God of Egypt facts that you might want to know before you go on and watch the movie:

Gods of Egypt Facts Movie
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9) Mad Max:Fury Road and God of Egypt have both same crew and cast members? Will the movie outcome be predictable? Both these movies have same visual effects super visor I,e Julian Dimsey, same first assistant i.e P.J Voeten, same stunt man i.e Tom Wong and finally, the actors too yes you guess it correctly, Abby Lee, Vruce Spencer and Courtney Eaton

8) The Movie has been shot with using Panavision’s Primo 70 series of lenses

7) What might excite you to watch God of Egypt, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones (British Tv Show) whose actor Nikolaj Coster Waldau a little role of Ser Jamie Lanister in the show, has a big appearance in God of Egypt as God Horus. For this role, he dropped 7% of his total body fat.

6) The movie is shown as shot in Sahara desert, but since the desert is too dangerous to shoot a movie there, most of the scenes are filmed in the Australian desert. But you wouldn’t know!

5) Based on the title of movie i.e Gods of “Egypt”, and not having any lead role played by an Egyptian actor actually raises a lot of heavy criticism on the movie. The directors and producers had to issue apologies.

4) The amours and clothing style has been based on the Egyptian mythology. Likewise, the armors of God Horus and God set have animals resembling a falcon and a jackal, respectively. Whereas, the head dresses of God Thoth and Hathor resembles their animals of an ibis and a cow, respectively.

3) In the Egyption mythology, the set of God is called as God of War.

2) God of Egypt film is based on the Egyptian myth call “The Contendings of Horus and Set”. However, there are some changes and doesn’t follow the myth completely. In the myth, Horus had one eye torn out, whereas in the movie both of his eyes are torn out and one was restored back to him

1) When Gerad Butler received his script and read his character as a God, so he decided to appear as one by the time the film starts shooting. Hence the actor underwent a huge body building process to be God Set.

Hope you enjoyed these facts about the movie Gods of Egypt. Hope you enjoy watching too. Let us know your reviews about the movie in the comments section below.

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