10 Facts You Don’t Want To Know About Donald Trump

Donald Trump Funny Facts

Donald John Trump, the billionaire, you have been seeing a lot of him these days on your television and on social media, or pretty much everywhere. The 2016 Republican Presidential nomination has become the media celebrity. Known mostly for his controversial remarks and insults he has been on the almost every other cover news outlet. Either he insults or speaks against the Mexicans to degrading the news reporters. He may put up a show with every other public speech maybe that’s why many people consider his nomination as a publicity stunt, but whatever you think Donald J. Trump is the front runner, as per one poll. Now he’s been appearing pretty much everywhere, what if the guy makes it to be the president of United States, then how much do you know about him? I bet here are a 10 facts you don’t want to know about Donald Trump:

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Donald Trump Funny Facts
Source: theodysseyonline.com

10) He earns how much??

His royalties and the annual salary amounts to $100 million, that’s since the debut of his reality show on NBC called “The Apprentice”.

9) Yes, Trump was a Troublemaker

His got his primary education and high school from Queens, in New York, but when he got into some quarrels and trouble he was moved to a New York Military Academy by his parents.

8) Razzie Award Winner

Who cannot even act like oneself? Seriously, how hard it is? Well, John Trump won an award for the worst supporting actor in an appearance as himself back in 1990’s a movie called “Ghosts Can’t Do It.”

7) Touch of Gold

What we all know is that Donald Trump really didn’t face any financial troubles; he was born with a silver spoon. But what you should know and will probably envy Donald Trump about is just after he was done with his school, he started to work for his father and whatever he touched, that turned gold! That’s not us saying, by his elder brother said so.

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