10 Facts You Don’t Want To Know About Donald Trump

Donald Trump Funny Facts

6) Donald’s Net Worth

The guy makes so much money, even though his net worth fluctuates every now and then, yet it’s in abundance. What Forbes says about him is, “It is substantially in excess”. Well, here’s a number for you guys, take it easy okay? $2.7 BILLION is Donald John’s Trump net worth. Wow.

5) Investing In New England Patriots Wasn’t A Bad Idea After All !

Back then in 1980’s Donald Trump was good friends with Tom Brady, if we talk about investing in your friendship Trump did try to do that too, however, the real state put forward that investing in the team was a bad idea. Turns out, Robert Kraft invested in a bad idea and bought Pats for $172 million. Today the team is worth $2.6 billion and also has Super Bowl rings!  Regrets Donald Trump?

4) If Trump Doesn’t Drink, It Doesn’t Mean He Didn’t Try To Make You Drunk

Donald has had a clean record of not doing drugs, drinking or never has ever smoked cigarettes. Trumps older brother, Fred died because he was an alcoholic, likewise, he would also advise Donald not to drink. So as he did take his advice, but on the other hand, Donald Trump did launched his own vodka line called “Trump Vodka”. In his own words the vodka was “Beautifully packaged and Superb Product”, somehow people didn’t agree with that, ultimately, it didn’t sell well. In 2011, the production was halted.

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