10 Facts You Don’t Want To Know About Donald Trump

Donald Trump Funny Facts

3) Offering Barack Obama Free Golf

As much as Donald is a critic and doesn’t agree with Obama administration, Trump recently invited Barack Obama to play Gold in his courses at any time and whenever he wanted, free of cost. If trumps being that friendly to someone he vocally criticizes then there must be a catch. Well, turns out this was, If only Obama leaves the presidential ship early, play all the golf he wants!

2) Trump Board Game

Donald J. Trump is the only coolest presidential candidate who has a boatd game named after him. Similar to monopoly, the game is called Trump Board Game, it was launched in 1989 and after the poor reviews the sales dropped, ultimately making the game discontinue.

1) Trump’s a Germaphobe

As much as the American Culture of shaking hands when you greet someone is deemed as a polite gesture, Trump hates it! It is because he is a germaphobe. So whenever he is forced to shake hands, Trump will in fact pull the other person quite close to him, so he avoids the hand shake.

So the next time you get together with a couple of folks and talk politics, you know what to speak! Have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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