Interesting Facts about Game of Thrones Season 6

game of thrones season 6 facts

If anything that you have waited for after the winters, is not only for spring but definitely for Game of Thrones Season 6. Over the time, this show has gain a lot of popularity amongst the folks out there despite the graphic and shocking scenes we all witness, but isn’t that the spice of this show. Anyway, it’s been long now and the time to visit Westeros is back, well not yet but in April. How the season 5 finale ended, I am sure you all are desperately waiting for April to come and to get your hands on season 6. So here’s what I did for you, gathered a few interesting facts about Game of Thrones Season 6 meanwhile, we all wait for the show:

Game of Thrones Season 6 Facts and Predictions

game of thrones season 6 facts

5) George R R Martin Will Not Be Writing

The man who started it Game of Thrones announced that he shall not be writing any more scripts of the latest episode. Although he will be around to write for the show’s series, but not the episodes anymore. Geore R R Martin has also called off the appearances he makes, but will try to attend as many as possible for him, the guy wants to focus on completing the next book in series before the season 6 is aired.

4) Dany Will Unite The Dothraki

We all know how Daenerys finished season 5, in a complete powerless state, which was a shocker. What we all remember Daenery as being stuck in the sea of Dothraki as screamers was her final moment that left a question mark as to what happened to her fate. She is going to have to use her wits to be executed by the Dothraki, reason being considering her past this seems likely the only possibility. Also remember she has Drogon with her there, if the beast cooperates then this will only show his power and definitely will leave an impression. Seems like that is what she needs to unite the Dothraki.

3) The Greyjoys Will Be Back

Seems like forever since we last saw House Greyjoy. Last we remember we haven’t seen Yara since her attempt to save Theon from the Dreadfort, whereas Balon was still hanging out on Pike.

Glad that the new casting, the GreyJoys will be back in the show with full force. “Pirate,” is one of the roles who has all around the world terrorized the seas. He is described as ruthless and a man with a touch of madness. If you have read the book, you know what I’m talking about.

2) Tyrion & The Red Priestess

What left us in excitement and in a nerve wrecking situation was how Daenerys escaped with Drogon and that Tyrion hasn’t been able to implement his talent of ruling. So the fifth season ended with the Tryrion to maintain peace in Mereen. Thanks to the leaked audition, we know that there’s a Red Priestess namely Kinvara. Tyrion will be needing her and the rest of the followers of Lord of Light to help him convince the people of Mereen to keep peace, while Daenerys is gone. Priestess will agree as she believes that Daenerys is the chosen savior against the darkness that has yet to come.


1) Young Ned & Robert Flashback

Here’s something we know that will happen, based on the casting announcements, Bran will use his powers to see the past in season 6, and what he’ll see is a flashback of young Eddard Shark and Robert Baratheon. We simply know this because the show is searching for three young boys to play role of various characters. These boys will be Robert Baratheon, another boy of 12 years old with blue eyes and brown hair with a northern accent. And the third one will have the same description but green eyes. This glimpse is into the past and will be of childhood of these characters, here’s a little more curiosity, there will be more flashbacks too ..

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