Interesting Facts About Bollywood Films

facts about bollywood films

After Hollywood, if anything that moves people from their place and is said to be more than a cinema, it is Bollywood. Bollywood is no more a “desi thing” but a source of entertainment to many audiences out there. Known for 2 till even 3 hour long movies, Bollywood surely knows how to keep their audience in tacked with their seats. The recipe to Bollywood’s success is drama, thrill, and romance like no other and just to spice things a bit dances too, to be inspired from. From love stories like Mohabbatein to stories moving your consciences like Munna Bhai M.B.B.S till epic crime stories like Shoot out at lokhandwala, Bollywood has created a mark of 100 years of entertainment. In between these decades, we surely have some interesting facts about Bollywood Films. Check them out:

facts about bollywood films

Facts About Bollywood Films

  • The famous Mughal-e-Azam of 1960’s was produced in three languages, by that I mean, shot thrice in Tamil, English and Hindi. The English language was called off and Tamil one was miserably flopped.
  • Rekha known for her style and make up, the diva prefers to wear either crimson or chocolate brown shade of lipstick when she makes her public appearance.
  • Remember Gabbar ( Amjad Khan) from Sholay(1975)? Apparently, he was almost dropped from the movie Sholay because the script writer thought his voice too weak for the role.
  • Known as the Big B of  Bollowood, Amitab Bachpan is also the most punctual man to reach on sets. At times, Amitab Bachpan opened gates for himself as he arrived before the gatekeeper
  • Apparently, the actors today charge millions for their role, but not our Dharmendra. Back in his debut in 1960, in his movie ‘Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere’, his fee was only 51 rupees. Okay, wow!
  • In  Kareena Kapoor’s movie ‘Heroine’, the actress was provided with ober 150 various dresses all from the top designers from around the world. This was one of the expensive movies the Bollywod has ever created, why? Just because of the dresses.
  • This one is pretty interesting fact about Bollywood film,not only Saif Ali Khan was the first choice for ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaynge’ for Shahrukh’s role, but even Tom Cruise was also weighed for Shahrukh’s role.

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  • Only in Bollywood, you’ll see a step mother of thirteen years old, a role played by Shridevi as a step mother of Rajnikanth, in a Tamil film ‘Moondru Mudichu’
Bollywood Film Facts
  • Bollywood is known for long hours movie, but also extending the mark of three hours is in itself a record breaker. LOC: Kargil is a four hours and 25 minutes film of war saga. It’s recommended to sit comfortably when you plan to watch this movie.
  • Even today a catchy song, ‘Cholli Keh Peechay Kya Hae’ from the movie ‘Khalnayak’ was protested by 42 parties back in the day when it was released.
  • Marking a 100 years period, it’s sad to see that India still has less than 13000 cinema screens as compared to U.S having 40,000 cinema screens.

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