Interesting Facts About MythBusters – TV Show

mythbusters facts

Doesn’t it make you curious that how the Mythbusters never run out of myths to be busted? I mean several seasons came out and never ran out of myths to bust? Well it looks like current season is their last season and we are gonna miss Mythbusters .Originally, the show was about dealing with urban myths and legends, but now the show has changed its course and is open to various ideas. Like an exciting challenge the show received by the director of Titanic. Remember how Jack died, likewise how Rose survived and the internet usually makes meme about how the floating wooden had space for two people; well James Cameron put forward a challenge: Did the floating wood really accommodate just one person? Now that I have your attention, here are some interesting facts about MythBusters:

Awesome Mythbuster Facts

mythbusters facts

7) The Show Works on Public’s Curious Demands:

 It’s not anymore about the original idea to solve urban myth, but the show fins huge chunk of ideas or materials to explore about. How? Because of curiosity of people and their requests. This could be anything from movies to popular sayings. The show just needs an excuse to test things. So send in your requests!

6) The Show Accepts Anything But A Bad Myth.

Well, there’s a good myth and a bad myth. By bad myth, they mean something that they cannot physically experiment on. The good myth is that anything they can test on or seems challenging for these guys. Trust me when I tell you this, myth busters accepts challenges!

5) A Favorite Explosion

We have witness uncountable explosions on the show. Can you guess which one is MythBusters favorite explosion? I’ll share it with you; remember the cement truck explosion that basically just vanished after the explosion? Well yes, it’s the favorite explosion of these fellas

facts about mythbusters 2016

4) Do Not Try This At Home

The boys are serious when they mean it, there’s a reason they experiment all the crazy challenges just to lower your curiosity

3) Broken fingers!

No matter how cautious mythbusters try to be, they still tend to hurt themselves. The worst injury they have ever faced is broken fingers due to handling the heavy blast protection panels they use. Since they are really heavy and if not used properly, well say goodbye to your fingers.

2) To be a scientist you don’t need a lab coat

Well, if you’re being methodological and careful about the experiments and trying to understand something, you are actually following the footsteps of science. The Crew proves you don’t need a science degree to be a scientist. Just be diligent and methodical when trying to figure out something.

1) The Mystery Of Elephants Being Afraid Of Mice Has Been Solved.

Despite of all the explosions, Mythbusters changed their course and has solved the greater mystery. The Elephants are really afraid of mice. They took an elephant dung ball and hollowed it, put a mouse inside, tied a string with the ball dung and hid it in the bushes. When the elephants came closer, they yanked the string which exposed the mouse to the elephant. Being a large animal it was expected the elephants won’t notice the little guy. But they didn’t only notice but stopped immediately and tiptoed around the mouse.  Same experiment was carried out again without the mouse inside, and the elephants didn’t even notice why the dung ball moved by itself.

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