Interesting Facts About Suits Season 5

suits season 5 facts

The entire idea and the catch out the show to begin with was how Mike Ross practices as a lawyer in New York, however, what we know now is that Mike Ross has been arrested for not holding a law degree. So how would season 5 of Suits would be like, without the shows main protagonist doing what he’s best at? Or how this plot twist will direct the show? Here why we are here to fill you up with some interesting facts about Suits season 5 and what shall you expect:

suits season 5 facts

Interesting Facts About Suits Season 5


  • Well, it’s obvious you really need to know who turned in Mike Ross. Just as curious as we are, so are the writers of the show. Instead of focusing to get Mike out, the story line will be about a big search as who turned him in, in order to get Mike out of the big trouble. So you’ll get to see some glimpse as bit by bit it will be revealed in the early episodes.


  • However, I’ll stay not spoil it for you but drop a little hint bomb, the guy who turned in Mike is someone we all are familiar with.


  • So how long will it take for the episodes? Glad to know not months or days but yes 4 – 5 weeks.


  • Wondering why Korsh decided the middle of season 5 to be the time to leak out Mike’s secret? Well it was Korsh’s gut feeling as he felt its finally time and at some point they had to do it.


  • So now that the secret has been revealed and season 6 is also in order, what will the next season turn out to be like. The show runner says that they will have to figure what will happen and what this means. They have a lot of plot twists to play with but ultimately we have to figure out how it will turn out with these characters, because after the twists, nothing will be same. Not knowing the answer has its own set of possibilities to change the show in many ways. Curious right? As if Mike’s secret being revealed wasn’t enough !
harvey suits season 6 blooper
  • Remember how in Season 1 and 2 the show did have some funny stuff to balance the serious scenes off, well, season 5 is all serious.


  • So Mike is in jail, what can be the worst case scenario for him? Seven years of jail time, as we speak.


  • Yes Mike’s arrest will affect Harvey as he will feel guilty and responsible for bringing Mike in this position. There will be a lot of forced confrontations, either for good or for bad. We will also witness Harvey willing to take a fall for Mike too and vice versa. Here’s a twist, they’ll be lucky if neither Harvey nor Mike will have to take the hit. Adding to this, as the investigation closes in this will also affect the other four main characters and Harvey. Here’s a blooper, this arrest will bring together the way people deal with each other in the back six.

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