8 Interesting Facts About Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Facts 2016

Ranked as World’s no.  3 by Women’s Tennis Association, Maria Yuryevna Sharapova has reached epitome in her profession as a tennis player. Within her career path, she has took along with her name a series of titles, one in WTA Championships, Grand Slam and seven is WTA Tour Tournaments. She also holds 4 WTA awards and a silver Olympic medal in the London 2012 Olympics. Maria Sharapova has also been the former world number one too, and with her successful wins she has also won huge amount of prize money each year.

Making her way to the top, it makes sense to get to know a little more about Maria Sharapova Facts other than just her career wins.

Maria Sharapova Facts

Maria Sharapova Facts
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8) Most Searched Athlete On Yahoo

Even after failing to win a major and not doing great in tennis in 2011, she made her way to Wimbledon final and also the French Open semifinals tournament. Despite such failures, Maria popularity wasn’t compromised and stayed as the most searched athlete according to Bing.com

7) World´s Number One

Making her way to Wimbledon, Maria achieved way too high at the age of 17 in 2004. Back then her opponent was Serena Williams who has always been a defending champion. As we recall, during the match, Serena Williams looked more nervous and doubtful than the 17 year old champion on the other side of the net. Sharapova, entering the tennis career at such an age, made her way to be recognized as the third youngest female to claim the title in the history of tournament. For a continuous 21 weeks, Sharapova has been ranked as number one. Keep going for more interesting Maria Sharapova facts.

6) Interests

Maria has a life other than pursuing tennis, off the court, she enjoys herself reading books having profound interest in “Pippi Long stocking” and “Sherlock Holmes” series. Off the court, she is also a model and has interest in singing, jazz dancing, and movies. Maria also loves Russian food and music, and her favorite Russian dessert is just anything!

Maria Sharapova Facts 2016
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5) Her Shoulder Injury

Her shoulder injury in 2007 made her face many losses but still managed to stay in the top 5 women’s tennis player at the end of 2007. She had to leave tennis as the injury affected her games, and therefore, she underwent a surgery. Due to her shoulder injury Sharapova lost her semifinal game to Aravane Rezai. Followed by losing to Ana Ivanovic in the semifinals of French Open. She also experience her early Wimbledon loss to Venus Wiliams, and within a short time she fell out of the top 5 ranking for the very first time since 2004.

4) Endorsements

After her win at Wimbledon Championship in 2004, Motorala signed Sharapova as their endorser. In 1997, at the age of 11, she also signed her first deal with Nike. In the year 2010, Maria followed the trend set by Rene Lacoste and Fred Perry and launched her own apparel line by the name of Nike Maria Sharapova Collection. With her associated with Nike, Sharapova became even richer. She has also extended her sponsorship for the period of 8 years for a $70 million agreement. This also include signed dressed by Maria for all the major tournaments. As of her beauty, we also witness to see Maria in Canon, Tag Heur, Tiffany & Co. and Land Rover. With her several endorsements, Maria is also known as the highest paid athlete in Russia and highest paid female athlete of the world. Now that was one interesting fact about Maria Sharapova.

3) Journey to the US

Maria moved to US along with her father for her tennis lesion in 1994. From that day onwards, she and her family faced many troubles. Her father had to borrow money to fund her tennis lesson and also took several low paid jobs in Florida such as dishwashing. She didn’t knot proper English, lived alone and her mother didn’t accompany her as per the visa restrictions, all this didn’t seem to have a positive effect in Maria’s career. However, later Maria was old enough to raise and fun her tennis lessons.

2) Tennis passion from the age of four

Sharapova’s father became friends with Aleksandr Kafelnikov whose son Yuvgeny was the first Russian to make his way as the world’s number one tennis player, along with winning two Grand Slam singles title. Yuvgeny’s father presented Maria a tennis racquet when she was on four years of age at that time. Since then, she began practicing tennis with her father in local park. Not being well off, Maria’a family still supported her passion for tennis and didn’t let money become an excuse. She always had great support from her family and never seemed to have any backlash and resistance to focus on studies more rather than on sports.

Maria Sharapova Drug Test Positive
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1) Tested positive for Drug substance

Sharapova was charged with anti-doping violation on March 2, 2016 after being positively tested for meldonium. Maria Sharapova is provisionally suspended immediately from March 12, and likewise a case is pending too ad meldonium is a non-specified substance under the WADA list of Prohibited Substances and Methods. Maria has been a legal user of meldonium for past 10 years and on December 22 she received a notification from International Tennis Federation informing her that the substance was being outlawed, likewise she agreed that she didn’t follow the provided guideline. This also leads for Sharapova to pay back the prize money of £209,000 that she won from Australian Open event against Serena Williams.

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