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  • game of thrones season 6 facts

    Interesting Facts about Game of Thrones Season 6

    If anything that you have waited for after the winters, is not only for spring but definitely for Game of Thrones Season 6. Over the time, this show has gain a lot of popularity amongst the folks out there despite the graphic and shocking scenes we all witness, but isn’t that the spice of this […]

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    harper lee facts

    10 Interesting Facts About Harper Lee

    If you have read the novel How to Kill a Mockingbird you all may know Harper Lee. What’s sad is that the author who is so close to us, who won the Pulitzer Prize for writing this one classical novel passed away on 19th February 2016. While we grieve for her death, we may also […]

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    pawn stars chumlee arrest 2016

    13 Interesting Facts About Chumlee – The Pawn Stars

    Looks like American’s have their favourite from the show Pawn Star; yes we are talking about Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Since the debut of the show, it seems like everyone wants to roam around wearing Chumlee’s image embellished on their shirts. Maybe that’s why we see the back room of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is […]

  • cricket world cup twenty20 2016 india

    All You Need To Know About World Twenty20 2016 India

    The sixth edition of ICC World Twenty20 is Twenty20 International cricket tournament which is currently being held for the first time in India from March 8 to April 3, 2016. The tournament will be hosted by seven cities and then final match will be played in Kolkata, Eden Gardens. The Twenty20 series will feature sixteen teams, out […]

  • Facebook facts

    Top 10 Surprising Facts about Facebook

    Being one of the giant social media site for users as young as thirteen years old to old aged people who all familiar with today’s technology and how the internet works, Facebook is the ultimate source for all to connect. Increasing its reach from 5million active users within its first year, today there are approximately […]

  • entrepreneurship facts 2016

    10 Little Known Facts About Entrepreneurship

    Being an entrepreneur sounds so wonderful and seems like such a desirable job. You get to be your own boss, you’re in charge of calling all the shots and you get to keep all the profits to yourself. What’s not to love about being an entrepreneur? In reality, entrepreneurship is so much more than just […]

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    Kesha Facts 2016

    10 Interesting Facts About Kesha

    Kesha, or should we say Ke$ha, is not your average, everyday musical celebrity. Kesha has such a unique persona about herself which has made the world wonder and take notice. From the glitter to the ripped socking, Kesha is not some typical performer. Underneath all that glitz and glamor, there is so much more to […]

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    mythbusters facts

    Interesting Facts About MythBusters – TV Show

    Doesn’t it make you curious that how the Mythbusters never run out of myths to be busted? I mean several seasons came out and never ran out of myths to bust? Well it looks like current season is their last season and we are gonna miss Mythbusters .Originally, the show was about dealing with urban […]

  • suits season 5 facts

    Interesting Facts About Suits Season 5

    The entire idea and the catch out the show to begin with was how Mike Ross practices as a lawyer in New York, however, what we know now is that Mike Ross has been arrested for not holding a law degree. So how would season 5 of Suits would be like, without the shows main […]

  • Richest Average People 2016

    7 Countries With Richest Average People in 2016

    The countries with richest average people and the highest GDP per capita are one of those few unexpected ones.  A GDP indicates the health or the status of a country’s economy. This number is influenced by many important factors such as the capital resources that impact a nation’s growth, the labor work force and the […]

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    earthquake facts

    Little Known Facts About Earthquakes

    Experienced an earthquake ever? Yes? No? Well, if you are one of those who has experienced the terrifying feeling and the shivers caused by the earthquakes or if you’re one of those lucky people who haven’t felt an earthquake before; let us do the honors and tell you little known facts about earthquakes. These will […]

  • facts about bollywood films

    Interesting Facts About Bollywood Films

    After Hollywood, if anything that moves people from their place and is said to be more than a cinema, it is Bollywood. Bollywood is no more a “desi thing” but a source of entertainment to many audiences out there. Known for 2 till even 3 hour long movies, Bollywood surely knows how to keep their […]

  • Interesting Facts About Calgary

    10 Interesting Facts About Calgary

    Calgary is a Canadian town, situated in the province of Alberta. Calgary is Canada’s most unique and happening town. You thought Canada was all about snow and Ice Hockey? That doesn’t come close to describing the amazing experience on offer in the town of Calgary! This article lists 10 interesting facts about Calgary and why […]

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    interesting facts about justin-bieber

    10 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

    Adored by millions and hated by millions. This single statement defines why Justin Bieber became a phenomenon when he was first introduced as fresh faced singer in 2008. We have watched Justin grow up and out of his cute looks to the controversial heartthrob that he is today. Once his “Bieber Fever” madness spread, nothing […]

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