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    pawn stars chumlee arrest 2016

    13 Interesting Facts About Chumlee – The Pawn Stars

    Looks like American’s have their favourite from the show Pawn Star; yes we are talking about Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Since the debut of the show, it seems like everyone wants to roam around wearing Chumlee’s image embellished on their shirts. Maybe that’s why we see the back room of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is […]

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    interesting facts about justin-bieber

    10 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

    Adored by millions and hated by millions. This single statement defines why Justin Bieber became a phenomenon when he was first introduced as fresh faced singer in 2008. We have watched Justin grow up and out of his cute looks to the controversial heartthrob that he is today. Once his “Bieber Fever” madness spread, nothing […]

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    Facts About Dakota Johnson

    10 Interesting Facts About Dakota Johnson

    Dakota Johnson turned more than a few heads from demonstrating her strong acting skills in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The movie might not have been the success it was predicted to be but the popularity of Dakota Johnson has risen ever since. There a lot more than meets the eye of the Texas born Actress. […]