6 Interesting Facts About Tesla Model 3 – 2016

Tesla Model 3 Facts

The goal for yearly production for Tesla Company by 2020 is 500,000 cars a year. Though the number is comparatively less when we match the numbers with Ford F-150s sold previous year, however, the number is still not bad for Tesla. The company met their 2015 sales target, but it was only 10% of their goal. This time, Tesla is about to set standards high with their new model called Tesla model 3, which is perfect for young professionals, parents, retirees, and even for people who didn’t even think car is necessary for them, because you cannot deny this basic car. The previous Tesla models Tesla Roadster which was a high priced, high end car showed the world that making a great electric car was possible. Then Tesla came out with a mid-volume and comparatively less price offering model that proved that how fast an electric car can be, finally, the Model X added more to Tesla’s portfolio. But Model 3, is a whole new thing, which offers a car that appeals the masses along with its price tag.
The stakes are high and therefore, it makes sense why until now we didn’t know much about Tesla Model 3. But no matter how tight lipped the company plans to stay, since they have been working on this model since so long, few facts have been leaked. Here are 6 interesting Tesla Model 3 Facts 2016.


Tesla Model 3 Facts

Tesla Model 3 Facts
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6) Safety of Tesla Model 3 is extremely high

During the reveal presentation of Model 3, the first and foremost noticeable matter that was brought up was the promising safety of Model 3, and that it will achieve a five star safety in all its safety tests. Before moving on to any other details, The CEO Musk said that “it will be an incredibly safe car”. Furthermore, having the same dimensions of any other car, Model 3 will also consist of comparatively more cargo space as that of any gas car has, all owing to the rear and front trunks.


Tesla Model 3 Interior
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5) Spacious and Comfortable

The car has a capacity to fit in 5 adults, comfortably. The front seats have been moved forward than the usually place, by compressing the instrument panel. The interior space has been maximized, that pushes the dash board forward. Also, this car comes with a rear roof, which is one continuous pane of tinted glass, not only it adds to giving a feeling of more openness in the car but also give a nice clear sky view.

4) 215 Mile Electric Range

The CEO has promised that Model 3 will have a minimum range figure of 215 mile and Tesla is hoping to exceed that number. The Model 3 will have various further models, the high end models will of course give high range as they will have larger batteries. So be it any Model 3 variant, you car will come with a supercharging standard, this will ensure all those range anxiety people that you will easily go from one Supercharger station to the other station, without running out of your range.


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3) Tesla Model 3 will hit 0-60 MPH in Less Than 6 Seconds

Whatever rumors you have heard up till now, it’s time to say bye to them. Because it’s confirmed that Tesla Model 3 will go from 0 to 60 miles per hour, in less than six seconds. What makes this news more exciting is that this speed is for the base model, whereas, the other versions of the car will hit more speed and will be much faster. Hence, Model 3 basic version is still pretty good!

2) The Model 3 comes Standard with Autopilot

Promising the safety level, all the Tesla Model 3 versions will have an Autopilot technology along with the safety features.

Tesla Motors
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1) Tesla Model 3 price starts from $35,000

A great electric car can also be bought for $35000, so even if you have no other options in that range, Tesla Model 3 is your answer. The price tag has already got people ordering beforehand. Unlike Model X, Musk is pretty confident with the delivery time of Tesla Model 3 and says the delivery will begin from next year. With a down payment of $1000, Tesla Motors have started to take reservations from customers who are now on the waiting list. At the event time only, the reservations had crossed over 115,000 people and that number is still on the rise, rapidly. This definitely shows that there is a good demand of this car in the market.
For Elon Musk, making an affordable electric car has been his goal from the scratch, and now with Model 3, one cannot understate the importance Tesla Motors have if this car. As compared to Model 3, the Model S and the Model X which were definitely minds blowing cars, were still not as stepping stone as Model 3 is. This also means that the stakes are high and not only for the company but also for the car industry. Adding more to this, the reservations along with making an affordable electric car, only brings up new challenges regarding the production, which will surely be tough for Tesla Motors to meet the high expectations of those people waiting hours in long line. So good luck Tesla Motors and Elon Musk !
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