Top 10 Surprising Facts about Facebook

10 Surprising Facts About Facebook

Facebook facts

Being one of the giant social media site for users as young as thirteen years old to old aged people who all familiar with today’s technology and how the internet works, Facebook is the ultimate source for all to connect. Increasing its reach from 5million active users within its first year, today there are approximately 1.5 billion users active on Facebook on monthly basis, out of which 680 million are active Face Book mobile app users. So either your cellphone or your computer, there’s always another way to check your Facebook account, even if it’s blocked in your office. Chances of you being on Facebook is 95%, and if you are one of the active users, here are some top 10 surprising facts about Facebook that should interest you:

Facebook Facts That You Might Want to Know

Facebook facts
  • Wondering why over the years, Facebook template changed but not its color? Simply because Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder is red-green colorblind, meaning blue is the color that he can see the best. And now you know why it dominates Facebook.


  • Out of billions of users, which country has the most active users on Face Book? It’s Canada and US, combining both there’s about 157 million active users on daily basis. Followed by 253 million users from Asia, despite the fact Face Book is banned in China.


  • Hacking can land you a job? Well, back in 2006, Face Book was hacked by a guy named Chris Putnam, who made thousands of profiles look exactly like MySpace profiles. Guess what? Face Book hired him.


  • By September 2013, Facebook was covered by 66% of 14-35 year olds. Surprisingly, another big figure was of 65years old who covered 45% as Facebook active users. What you should know is, 70% people out there are friends with their parents on Facebook, therefore no need to be embarrassed, you’re not alone.


  • An average Facebook user is bombarded with at least 1500 content on daily basis.
surprising facts about facebook
  • You can connect with people in 70 different languages on Face book. That’s a lot!


  • An active average Face Book user tends to spend their 20 minutes on just scanning through their Face Book account. Do a little math, combine all the users that make it approximately 20 billion minutes users spend viewing their account only!


  • There are people out there who tend to murder if people unfriend them on Face Book. Adding more to that, there are approximately 30 million of dead people who makes up as Face Book users. Yikes!


  • You think logging out of Face Book is enough? Well, did you know Face Book keeps a track on all the websites that you visit even after you log out?


  • Lastly, you can block anyone or everyone on Face Book, but the one person who you cannot block is Mark Zuckerberg. Obviously!

So now you know the Top 10 Surprising facts about Face Book, at least being an active user one should know where you’re stepping yourself into.

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