10 Interesting Facts About Tyrese Gibson

Facts About Tyrese Gibson

We all have must watched ‘Fast and Furious’ series. Yes, the amazing movies; with a pinch of action, drama, excitement and let’s not forget the best factor, cars! We all loved those impeccable cars. The sound of the engine roaring, plus the actors. So how can we forget that one main person who was Paul’s best friend? Tyrese! He’s the fun element in the movie. We all know about all the other actors but we may not know much about Tyrese, lucky for you I am going to tell you ten interesting facts about Tyrese Gibson:

Tyrese Gibson Facts

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10) He Is A Singer

Tyrese is not just an actor, he is a singer as well. Tyrese said that “Singing was and still is my first love, and it opened the doors for me in all of the other show business-related things that I do.”

9) His career started before he turned 22

He did modeling, acting, signing, released albums, acted in commercials and hosted a television show, all before the age of 22, which is quite impressive.

8) Tyrese Was First Stared In The Coca Cola Commercial

Its true! He saw an advertisement that was posted at his high school, since he could not get a ride to the audition so he took a bus and was 2.5 hours late. Lucky for him, the director was late himself. However, he got the part in the commercial.

7) He modeled for the best of the best

Tyrese modeled for Guess and Tommy Hilfiger. He started his modeling at the age of 17.

6) He Is Scared Of Owls

Tyrese is said to be afraid of owls. He even admitted that he has a fear of owls on “The New Tom Green Show” back in 2003 just by looking at a painting of the animal. He panicked when Green afterwards drew a picture of an owl on the paper.

Facts About Tyrese Gibson
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5) Has Love For Tattoos

He should have some love for at least something? Tyrese has around nine tattoos on his body. Well, that’s quite a number for him.

4) Tyerese’s Dream Job as a Child

His dream job as a child was to be a garbage man, ten years down the lane he grew into a completely different man who is loved by everybody and is quite famous because of his natural talent.

3) Watts Foundation

Tyrese is a very good person at heart. He established Watts Foundation in his home town in order to give back to his community and to give opportunities to young citizens.

2) Tyrese has Three Puppies and a Daughter

He has a daughter named Shayla Somer who was born in 2007. Moreover he has love for puppies. Tyrese has three puppies named Matrix, King and Queen.

1) He was Acting in two movies at the Same Time

Tyrese Gibson was acting in Fast Five and Transformers – Dark of the Moon at the same time, forcing him to fly between Atlanta and Puerto Rico to complete both.

So now you know more about Tyrese Gibson. A brilliant actor, singer and a model who has worked his way up in the industry! What are your views on the article? Please comment below!

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