All You Need To Know About World Twenty20 2016 India

cricket world cup twenty20 2016 india

The sixth edition of ICC World Twenty20 is Twenty20 International cricket tournament which is currently being held for the first time in India from March 8 to April 3, 2016.

The tournament will be hosted by seven cities and then final match will be played in Kolkata, Eden Gardens. The Twenty20 series will feature sixteen teams, out of which the ten teams are qualified through their status as members of International Cricket Council, while the other six teams qualified though 2015 World Twenty20 Qualifier. In the long 27 day ICC World T20, a total of 35 matches will be played. The Semifinals will be held in New Delhi and Mumbai on March 30 and March 31, 2016. Likewise, the winning teams will be playing finals at Eden Garden in Kolkata. India will meet Pakistan in Kolkata on March 19 and the match against Australia will be played on March 27.

Here we have jotted down everything you should know about Cricket World Cup Twenty20 2016 India.

Cricket World Cup Twenty20 2016 India

cricket world cup twenty20 2016 india
  • Groups And Stages

The winners will move forward to second round i.e the Super 10. There will be two Groups, A and Be, which are:

First Round:

Group A: Netherlands, Oman, Bangladesh and Ireland

Group B: Scotland, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Hong Kong.

Second round groups (Super 10):

The top 2 from both Group 1 and 2 shall proceed to play Semi-Finals.

Group 1: West Indies, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka and winning group B (Q1 B)

Group 2: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, India and winning group A (Q1 A)

  • The Opening Match

The match has been opened by Hong Kong and Zimbabwe in Nagpur on March 8 at 3 PM IST.

On the same venue, Afghanistan also faced Scotland in evening at 7.30 PM IST.

  • Format of Match
  • The match is broken down into 3 phases -First Stage (Qualifiers), Super 10 and Knockouts (Semi-finals and final)
  • First – 8 teams are divided into 2 groups. The group winners progress to join the other 8 teams in Super 10
  • In Super 10, the top 2 from each pool goes to the semi-finals
  • Where Can the Matches be Watched?
  • Tickets are available at the venue of semi-finals and finals
  • All tournaments will be casted Live on Star Sports in India.
  • The tickets can also be bought online from ICC’s website
  • A lottery system is also in place for semifinals and finals, the process began from February 24, 2016.
  • Tickets Purchase Per Person
  • A ceiling of 2 tickets per person for India matches, semi-finals and finals are set. However, for all non-India matches a limit of 6 tickets per person is set.
  • A person cannot buy tickets to matches at different venues on the same day.
  • Prices of Tickets
  • Prices differ as per the venue. At Dharamsala, Kolkata, Nagpur, Mohali, and New Delhi the starting price is Rs. 100. Whereas, in Bengaluru, the least priced is Rs 250 and in Mumbai it is Rs 500.
  • In Mumbai the highest price of ticket is Rs 35,000
  • The Defending Champions

Sri Lanka is the holders. They defeated India in 2014 final

  • Match Timings

The first match of the day begins at 3 Pm and second at 7.30. The semifinals and finals are from 7pm IST.

9)First-Timers This Year
Oman will be making their first appearance and are making their World T20 debut this year

10) Previous 5 Champions

Following are the 5 previous champions: India in 2007, Pakistan in 2010, England in 2012, West Indies in 2014 and Sri Lanka

11) Reserve Days

Reserve day is only allocated for the final match, other than rest of the matches are not reserved.

12) What Happens If The Final Is Washed Out Even On A Reserve Day?

The trophy shall be shared it the final is not played on both days i.e the reserve and actual day.

13) What Happens If A Match Is Tied?

Super Over will be used to decide the winner in all tied matches

  • If the above does not resolve the Group ordering, or if all matches within a Group produce no results, then any tied teams will be ordered as per their Group seedings.


  • If a Semi-final is tied, the teams shall compete in a Super Over to determine which team progresses to the Final.
  • If following a tie, weather conditions prevent the Super Over from being completed, or if the match is a no result or abandoned, then the team which finished first in its Second Round group shall progress to the Final.


  • In the event of a tied Final, the teams shall compete in a Super Over to determine which team is the winner.
  • If weather conditions prevent the Super Over from being completed, or if the match is a no result or abandoned, the teams shall be declared joint winners.

14) If The teams Have Equal Points, How Will They Proceed

First Round

If the teams in their Groups get equal points then they will be selected for Super 10 in the following order of priority:

  • The team with most wins in their group will be prioritizing accordingly.
  • With equal points, the teams with higher net run rate in the group stage will be placed in the higher position.
  • Even then, if two teams are equal, they shall be ordered as per head to head match player between them. (Points then net run rate in those matches).
  • Even if the above methods do not resolve the points then any tied teams will be ordered as per their Group seedings.

Second Round (Super 10)

If the teams have equal points at the end of Second Round, then the tema will procreed to semi-final in the following order:

  • The most wins in the Second Round matches.
  • Teams will equal points in Second Round matches, then the higher net run rate will be placed in the higher position.
  • If two or more teams are still equal, they will be ordered according to the head to head match played between them (points then net run rate in those matches).

Get your game spirit on, as we are about to witness one heck of a tournament !

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